Mountain Valley Spring Water 2.5 Gallon Glass


Enjoy Mountain Valley Spring Water delivery to your home or office. The natural, refreshing taste of the mountains is right at your door with Mountain Valley Spring Water – 2.5-gallon glass bottles.  You likely already know Mountain Valley spring water tastes second to none. That is why it’s a national brand coveted for over a decade. But the glass packaging is the real show-stopper. No need to worry about BPA, and glass keeps the water cool to preserve the freshness of the mountains. Plus, this waste-free product is sanitized, reused, and then recycled at the end of its life! 

Glass spring water bottles have a bottle deposit charge of $50.00 per bottle.


    Product specifications: 

    • This bottle is made from 100% hand-blown, BPA-free, sustainable glass for ultimate quality and taste.
    • Easy lift 2.5-gallon water jug for dispensers
    • Mountain Valley spring water maintains an ideal pH range of 7.3 to 7.7
    • Free of sodium. 
    • Rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium
    • Source: The protected Mountain Valley spring in the  Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs, AR
    • Bottled at the source for ultimate freshness
    • Retunable bottled to reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Weight: about 22lbs.

    Watch this video to see how our delivery service works:

    Delivery is available to Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lorain, and the surrounding suburbs in Northeast, Ohio. Check our service area here.

    Residential Mountain Valley Water Delivery

    When it comes to the water in your home, you might have questions about what’s coming out of the tap. But with Mountain Valley Spring Water, you and your family get great tasting, nutrient-rich water from protected streams and rivers. With our 2.5 Gallon Glass bottles, your family will have no problem cutting out soda and staying hydrated.

    With Distillata, you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy water bottles from the store back home. We offer reliable Mountain Valley Spring Water delivery for homes across Northeast Ohio. Your family can have refreshing spring water delivered right to your door. It’s never been easier to enjoy some of the purest spring water that nature has to offer.

    Mountain Valley Water Delivery For Businesses

    If you have a business or office in Northeast Ohio, you want to make sure that you have quality water available for your employees and clients. Distillata offers Mountain Valley Spring Water at an affordable price. Mountain Valley is known for having great tasting and nutrient-rich spring water that comes from protects streams and rivers.

    With Mountain Valley Water, you’ll be able to keep your business or office hydrated. Plus, there’s the added convenience of our Mountain Valley Spring Water delivery services. There’s so much to consider when you’re trying to keep up with office supplies. Let us deliver spring water right to your door for added convenience.


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