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How to Spring Clean Your Water Cooler

Proper water cooler maintenance will keep your dispenser operating optimally for years to come. In addition, it will assure your fresh-tasting water remains that way from bottle to glass. There are a few simple steps to keeping your water cooler clean.

loading bottle on water cooler

This process really should be performed more often than once a year. Preferably every two months or so depending on your specific usage and water type. If you are an artesian spring water or premium drinking water user, you definitely want to stick to the sixty-day schedule. Those who prefer distilled or reverse osmosis have a ton more wiggle room, as those water types lack a mineral content to cause any sort of build up in your water cooler.

The water cooler cleaning process is simple and requires no special cleaning agents, good old baking soda, and non-chlorine bleach are all you need.

Check out these step-by-step water cooler cleaning instructions!

Be sure to complete all 10 steps. Following through with the directions from beginning to end will guarantee that each part of your water cooler, inside and out, front and back, is properly addressed.


sanitize water cooler wearing gloves

One step that is often avoided is #10, which addresses the back compressor coils of the water cooler. Often, out of sight means out of mind, and you might be very surprised at what you see when you look at the back of your dispenser.

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