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Should I Drink Bottled Water or Filtered Water?

bottled vs filtered

When faced with the choice of water for your home or place of business, there are generally two main options- bottled water or filtered water. This often leaves decision makers wondering…which is better? 

The truth is, that is a trick question.

One type of water is not emphatically “better” than the other. They are both a type of purified water dispenser that is perfected suited for healthy consumption and will leave your family and coworkers happily hydrated. The real question is, which choice better fits your situation?

Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water, Which Option is Better?

First, let’s define each option…

Bottled water in the case of this discussion refers to five-gallon plastic containers filled with purified water that is dispensed through a water cooler. These bottles are delivered to you by a representative who maintains a consistent schedule of exchanging your empty jugs for fresh full ones.

When we use the term, Filtered Water we are referring to a plumbed in, a static unit that purifies and chills your tap water. When water flows through the filters, contaminants, foul tastes and smells are absorbed by carbon particles. Filtration units come in the form of a water cooler or an unobtrusive unit that mounts under your sink.

Bottled water and water filtration alike will provide you with a similar product but have clear and distinct differences as to how that goal is achieved. It is those differences that you must examine to determine which choice is best for you.

Next, let’s weigh the benefits of each…

The Life of a 5-gallon Water BottleBottled Water

  • No installation required. Just a simple plugin!
  • The flexibility of location. It can be used anywhere that power is available and easily moved.
  • Tap water quality is not a factor.
  • Water is tested before, during and after the bottling process.
  • Cost effective for low and moderate consumption
  • No filters to replace.
  • Great to have during emergencies or when water lines are unusable.

Water Filtration

  • No heavy lifting.
  • No storage area needed for bottles.
  • Never run out, a constant flow of water assuming there is no downtime or malfunction to the main water line.
  • Cost effective for high consumption
  • No bottle deposits to keep track of.
  • Most sustainable option for purified drinking water.

Based on these pros and cons one can immediately come to a few conclusions

Bottled water tends to be a preferred option for homes and small businesses as consumption is often in the low to moderate side. This is not to say that there is no place for water filtration in these settings. In fact, a perfect solution would be to use both water sources. Having an under sink unit as well as a bottled water cooler in a home or small business would provide complete coverage of your water needs including drinking, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, dish washing, cooking, etc.

On the other hand, water filtration is a great choice for larger businesses with high consumption. The last thing you need as a business manager is to worry about rotating, storing and maintaining water bottles. Again, this does not mean that there is not a place for bottled water in large business settings. Having both will cover all of your bases, leaving you stress-free in emergencies and outages.

Still unsure? Ask yourself a few questions when deciding between bottled water and filtered water…

  • Do I have access to high-quality tap water?
  • Do I have room to store water bottles?
  • Do I need flexibility as far as placement of my water unit?
  • What is my consumption level?
  • Does my area often encounter water outages?

The answers to these questions will lead you down the path to an easy decision as to which water choice is best for you. If you are still not sure, just ask for help, request a free on-site consultation here.

Click here to request a bottled water or water filtration free trial!

*When water coolers are rented we will clean and maintain the units for you at no charge upon request.

**When water filter units are rented we will change the water filters for you automatically on the required schedule of the manufacturer.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Drink Bottled Water or Filtered Water?

  1. In my opinion, Alkaline water is best than bottled water and purified water. Alkaline water helps to maintain body pH value and help to keep you healthy.

  2. I am thinking about getting bottled water delivered to my business regularly so I am glad that I found this article because I did not know there are so many benefits of bottled water. You make a great point that I won’t have to worry about the quality of the water because I can have peace of mind knowing that it has been tested before and after it is bottled. Plus, I think it would save me a lot of time to have the bottled water delivered for my employees and this would help them to be more productive at work.

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