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Water for Joint Health

As we get older aches and pains begin to rear their ugly heads. Lasting longer than we ever remember and affecting us in ways we never knew possible. Simple aches and pains become a real problem and can have adverse effects on our quality of life. One of the most common offenders is joint pain.

There are a million different reasons that joint pain occurs but, there is a common thread in many situations. Ineffective synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is a handy little part of joints that reduces friction and provides resistance to impact. When this fluid is not healthy, joints hurt, period. What is a common reason for synovial failure?


replacing bottom load water cooler bottle

At first, you will feel nothing except a repeated urge to use the restroom. Soon after your hydration level will grow, your body will have what it needs to keep those joints soft and subtle then hopefully…some, if not all of the pain will go away. In most cases simply drinking water does not cure joint pain but, it helps treat the underlying issues by:

  • Providing aid to synovial fluid.
  • Moving nutrients through the bloodstream and to the joints.
  • Allowing waste products and toxins to move out of the joints.
  • Lubricating joints and reducing inflammation.
bottom load water cooler in kitchen

Remember, pain is a warning signal in the body. If you begin to experience uncomfortable joints that is a huge hint that something is wrong. Visit a physician immediately, subtract beverages that act as diuretics and starting drinking proper amounts of high-quality h2o!

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