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What Is Distilled Water?

You may be wondering what distilled water actually means. The distillation of drinking water is a process that dates back as far as 200 a.d. as many explorers of the time have noted in their travel journals. Removing the contaminants and impurities of seawater was essential for their survival. This basic process is still used to this day. Thankfully for most of us, it is not a matter of survival (although for some it still is). We now enjoy distilled water simply for its pure, fresh taste and versatility.

How Does Distillation Work?

Believe it or not, distillation is occurring all around you right now, it is called the hydrologic cycle.

  1. The heat of the sun causes land water from lakes, rivers, and streams to evaporate.
  2. When evaporation occurs, contaminants are left behind.
  3. Then the evaporation travels back into the atmosphere, eventually hitting cooler air. When the two collide condensation occurs resulting in precipitation in the form of rain, snow or dew.

If man-made contaminants were taken out of the picture that precipitation would be purified…remember when it evaporated impurities were left behind.

What is the Distilled Water Process?

  1. Water is heated to the boil point and steam occurs (evaporation).
  2. That steam travels to a separate holding tank leaving behind 99% of all solids, minerals, contaminants, and impurities.
  3. The impurities are flushed from the system.
  4. The purified steam is then cooled and returns to liquid form, also known as distilled water.
  5. It is then finished with a UV light to kill bacteria and microorganisms (a safe, chemical-free way to treat water).
  6. For a final polish, the water is disinfected with an ozone treatment. Because of its excellent disinfection and oxidation qualities, ozone is widely used for drinking water treatment. Ozone has greater disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination.
how distillata distilled water is made

What is Distilled Water Used For?

  1. Distilled water is almost completely void of any dissolved solids (generally <1ppm). This leaves the water with a fresh taste that aside from drinking is also perfect for use in certain manufacturing equipment and household gadgets such as a CPAP machine.
  2. Distilled water has a flavor-enhancing characteristic that makes it a great choice for infused waters, tea, and cooking.
  3. Because distilled water is void of any solids, impurities, or contaminants it stores beautifully. Having an ample supply of bottled water on hand is always a good idea in case of emergencies. There is no type of water that is better suited for this job.
  4. Drinking! Distilled water is safe to drink and many of our customers prefer the light, fresh taste.

Distilled water offers us so many uses as well as lifesaving hydration resources in some circumstances. Following mother nature’s plan has provided us a value system that has resulted in water essential to our existence. Oh, and on a lighter note, it tastes darn good!

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