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Zac Efron: Water Guru

We have all been spending more time than ever binging Netflix. And, we are running out of good choices. Tiger King proves that we have become a little desperate.

Recently we stumbled on “Down to Earth.” In this show, Darin Olien (a wellness expert) travels the world to explore sustainable living. Right up our alley! He did not travel alone though, Zac Efron joined the journey.

Are you as confused as we were? After Joe Exotic I guess anything is possible. But, much to our surprise, “Down to Earth” was actually very good thanks to Zac. Especially in a segment featuring water.

5 gallon jug and touch free water dispenser

Zac, Darin, and actress Anna Kendrick participate in a water tasting hosted by a “water sommelier.” Apparently, one man named Martin in L.A. has this title. Despite the fact that a sommelier actually refers to wine tasting. The scene opens with Zac making some pretty great statements about the importance of water.

Zac Efron Water Facts

  • “Most important nutrient that we put in our bodies.”
  • “Even though water isn’t food, in many ways it is even more important.”
  • “We can live three weeks without food. But only three days without water.”
  • “Our bodies are 50-65% water.”
  • “We need to ask the hard questions about the water we drink.”
  • “What is the source?”
  • “What is in the water we drink?”
  • “Are we getting enough water?”

getting water from touch free water cooler spigots

Then we meet the “water sommelier” and the information takes a nosedive. He starts by explaining TDS, which we have also done in this article: “The TDS Myth.” For a quick recap, TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It is a measurement of good things like magnesium and calcium in the water. But, it also includes bad things like harmful metals. Thus, it is not the sole determinant of water condition.

The sommelier focuses on the role TDS plays in the taste of water. Higher TDS does usually mean more taste. But, if it tastes like a coin or Alka Seltzer that is not a good thing. Besides, the World Health Organization recommends water below 1000 TDS for drinking. We would put that number much lower. As even our spring water, which is very high in mineral content, only has a TDS of 230.

The “sommelier” presents a few bottles of imported water with TDS levels of 1300 and 3050. Just when we thought that was bad, he begins to gingerly open a small glass bottle and claims that no one in America has access to it.* There are so many issues with this segment, most of all the water has a TDS of 7400! The descriptions alone will tell you something isn’t right.


“So many minerals, you can see them.”

  • “Floating residue”
  • “Tastes like there is a coin in there”
  • “This is not for hydration”

Imagine this is how you describe your home water. You would immediately install a whole house filtration system and a state-of-the-art water softener. Or move.  After thinking he has presented some profound solution to hydration (or not because he said it’s not for hydration so IDK) he asks Zac and Anna if they will now think differently about H2O. 

Ana says yes and adds, “Do I think you have a real job or a made-up job? Still not sure.”

And yet again Zac closes the scene with the only sane water advice, “Water is the first go-to tip for someone looking to improve their overall health.”

Zac Efron water guru. 

profile of man drinking water from a clear glass bottle with distillata logo

The point is, water is incredibly important for your health but choosing what kind to drink is simple. It should be the highest quality. It should taste good. You might want some minerals but not too many. Plus, it should be reasonably priced and sustainably produced. Do not let fancy bottles and made up titles confuse you.

We have been producing and distributing water in Cleveland for over a century. We will always offer down-home, straightforward advice. Want to talk to one of our water professionals now? Use our Live Chat feature. Sorry, it probably won’t be Zac Efron.

*This is no longer true. They have since begun shipping their product to the US through a company that specializes in “imported hydration.” Twelve bottles of this stuff will set you back $99. 

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