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How to Choose the Best Bottled Water to Drink

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When we consult with new clients the very first question almost all of them ask is- which type of water is the best-bottled water to drink? They are looking for an iron-clad, expert answer and the truth is…we don’t have one.

It’s not that we can’t list the pros and cons of each, describe their characteristics, provide an analysis and outline the treatment process of our four types of bottled water.  We certainly can do all of that but, if there is not some sort of medical condition involved, those details really mean nothing. The one and only determining factor for the best tasting bottled water is an individual’s preference.


The Best Bottled Water to Drink is the One That Tastes Good to You.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that any type of water is fine for consumption. You still want to be sure that you are purchasing from a reputable company with a quality product and an efficient delivery service.  Once you find that company (ahem…), review the available options and try them.  That’s it, take a sip…it is that simple.

In order to decide what the best tasting bottled water is, you need to know your options!! In general, there are three main choices:

Spring Water

Spring water comes from just that…a natural spring. This type of water contains a high amount of minerals giving it a distinctive taste. Generally, spring water is filtered several times and then treated with ozone. The lack of chlorine leaves it odor free as well as crisp and clean tasting. Spring water can come from a variety of different types of locations including protected underground wells, high altitudes and free flowing artesian aquifers.

Purified Water

There are two main types of purified water – distilled and reverse osmosis.

Distilled water is the results of a distillation method that boils the water and condenses the resulting steam.

Reverse osmosis treatment involves an intense filtration process by which the water is forced through semi-permeable membranes, leaving behind minerals and impurities.

Both produce a water nearly void of all mineral content. This is the polar opposite of spring water. These waters offer a light mouth feel with a  lingering, refreshing taste. In addition to hydration, both are perfect for use in household items such as irons and humidifiers.

Premium Drinking Water

This is the Switzerland of bottled waters. Believe it or not, there is a pretty heated debate over whether spring water or purified water is the best tasting bottled water. Drinking water provides a mixture of the two, giving the consumer the taste benefits of purified water and the addition of minerals from the spring water. Together they create a perfect happy medium and a great starting point for new drinkers.

No one can determine which of these is best but you. I like to relate it to wine. Can anyone determine which wine is best?  Of course not, you choose a wine based on your taste preferences. Bottled water is no different. You certainly should make an informed decision but, at the end of the day, it comes down to which one leaves you wanting more.  If you don’t enjoy the taste, your consumption will go down wreaking havoc on your body.

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