Wellsys 9000 Countertop Filtered Water Dispenser


The compact design of the WS 9000 CT countertop filtered water dispenser allows it to fit conveniently on your break room tabletop or kitchen counter. It uses both touch-activated buttons and ‘self-dispense pad’ control activation for ultimate user flexibility. The WS 9000 CT is designed to fit any of our filter combinations within its shell, giving a clean look.

The WS 9000 CT has a self-contained leak detector. The optional BSP Capsule provides continuous in-tank cleaning properties, even when the cooler is not in use. The WS 9000 CT water cooler provides exceptional quality and a warranty to match.

The proprietary Wellsys filters provide exceptional water cleanliness. The state of the art Reverse Osmosis or UF filter combinations enhances water by providing minerals and an advanced sanitization process. The result is water with increased alkalinity and nutrients. Plus, it is cleaner, healthier, and great-tasting!

Standard Features:

  • Compact design
  • 1-gallon stainless steel cold tank and 0.5-gallon hot tank
  • Both touch-activated sensor and self-dispense pad operation
  • Fits all Wellsys filter combinations inside the unit
  • Wellsys reliability backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Includes leak detector

Product Specifications:

  • Height 20.9 inches
  • Width 14.9 inches
  • Depth 15.5 inches
  • Cold Water Capacity 1 Gallon
  • Hot Water Capacity 0.5 Gallons

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Spec Sheet: Wellsys 9000 Countertop Water Filtration System

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Water Filtration System For Homes

You’ve always wanted a water cooler in your home to help keep your family hydrated, but they are usually a little too big. The Wellsys 9000 Countertop Water Filter is conveniently designed to fit on your kitchen counter just like any other appliance, giving your family easy access to filtered hot and cold water. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the proprietary Wellsys filters provide your family with pure and refreshing water.

When you choose Distillata for your Wellsys 9000 Countertop Water Cooler, you’ll have the option to rent or buy. And when you contact us, be sure to ask about free water filter changes for life!

Water Filtration System For Business

Not every business or office has the ability to have a full-size water cooler. But there’s another convenient option to help keep your employees hydrated and focused. The Wellsys 9000 Countertop Water Filter is a compact water cooler that can easily fit in your breakroom or staff kitchen. This compact countertop water cooler gives your employees and clients easy access to filtered hot and cold water. And for even less hassle, you can get the optional BSP Capsule that helps keeps your water cooler clean even when it’s not in use.

Thanks to the proprietary Wellsys filters, you can expect the water at your business to have increased nutrients with a refreshing taste. Aside from the advanced sanitization process that’s built in, the other standout features of the Wellsys 9000 Countertop Water Cooler includes touch-activated sensors, self-dispense pad operation, leak detector, and more. If you’re ready to give your business access to fresh filtered water, contact us today to learn more about the Wellsys 9000 Countertop Water Cooler. And be sure to ask us about free filter changes for life when you rent of buy your water cooler!