Liquid Coffee Creamer


Bring some flavor to your office breakroom! Our Individual liquid coffee creamer mini cups come in a variety of choices including vanilla, hazelnut, or classic half and half. No refrigeration required. This is a low-maintenance option for coffee cream delivered to your office. 

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Can you freeze liquid coffee creamer?

Yes, you can freeze liquid coffee creamer. This is an effective way to reduce waste and ensure that you always have an ample supply. 

Do individual coffee creamers go bad?

Coffee creamer cups do come with a best by date. You should consume this product by that date for optimal taste and freshness.

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International Delight Half & Half (180 ct), Coffeemate Original (180 ct), Coffeemate French Vanilla (180 ct), Coffeemate Hazelnut (180 ct), Coffeemate Irish Cream (50 ct), Coffeemate Peppermint (50 ct), Coffeemate Snickers (50 ct)