2.5 Gallon Spring Water (2 ct)


Our 2.5-gallon spring water jug with a spout fits perfectly on your refrigerator shelf. With the easy-to-use spigot, you can enjoy ice-cold water right at your fingertips. Or it works well as an outdoor water source for sporting events, camping, and more! Stop lugging heavy bottles from the store. Let us deliver your 2.5-gallon water instead.   

Contains all-natural artesian spring water from our protected source in Kent, Oh. Distillata spring water is rich in healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium! 


    Watch this video to learn about Distillata 2.5 gallon water bottles:

    Delivery is available to Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lorain, and the surrounding suburbs in Northeast Ohio. Check our service area here.

    • Weight: each bottle weighs about 20 lbs.; there are two bottles per case.
    • Dimensions: each bottle is 11.95 x 6.15 x 10.10 Inches; there are two bottles per case.
    • Blow-molded handle for easy lifting and transportation
    • Convenient dispense spigot
    • Fits on most refrigerator shelves
    • Source: Distillata Spring in Kent, Ohio
    • Treated with 2-micron filtration, UV light, and ozonation
    • 2.5 gallons / 320 ounces
    • BPA-free plastic bottles

    How to open and use 2.5-gallon spring water jugs

    1. Carefully pierce the bottle with a small hole to vent. 
    2. Turn the spigot until you feel the seal break.
    3. Pull the spigot out until it stops but do not force it.
    4. Twist the spigot down to the open position to dispense water.

    Are 2.5-gallon spring water jugs reusable?

    No, you should not refill these water bottles. They are designed for one-time use only. Instead, please recycle the bottle and cardboard box curbside.

    Residential Bottled Water Delivery

    Distillata Artesian Spring water is a great-tasting beverage that is free from chlorine and calories. Our artesian spring water is delivered each day from Distillata’s free flowing spring in northern Ohio. It’s monitored daily to ensure your family only receives the highest quality water we offer. Our 2.5-gallon water jugs with spout come equipped with an easy flow spigot, providing you and your family easy access to safe water. And with our spring water home delivery, it’s never been more convenient for you and your family to enjoy Distillata water.

    Bottled Water Delivery For Businesses

    Is your company in the market for great-tasting and affordable drinking water? Our Distillata Artesian Spring Water is a healthy, refreshing beverage that is free of calories and chlorine. Our reputation as a reliable provider of artesian spring water in Northeast Ohio comes from our process. Each day, our artesian spring water is delivered from our protected source in northern Ohio. The 2.5-gallon water jug with spout comes with a free flow spigot, making it easy for your employees to stay hydrated throughout the day.


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