Touch-Free Water Cooler Levers


Keep your family, staff, and visitors safe with touch-free water cooler levers! Our touch-free levers are economical and easy to install. This is a simple solution that will allow you to safely enjoy your Distillata water.


  • 1 red (hot) lever with attached coupling
  • 1 blue (cold) lever with attached coupling


  • 1 white (room temperature) lever with attached coupling
  • 1 blue (cold) lever with attached coupling


Delivery is available to Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Lorain, and the surrounding suburbs in Northeast, Ohio. Check our service area here.

Additional information

Coupling color

black, white

Lever colors

blue and red, blue and white

Installation Directions

Water Cooler Lever Installation

(Prefer video instructions? Watch here.)

  • Remove the water bottle from your dispenser. 

  • Drain the remaining water out through the cold spigot (do not drain the hot side).

  • Place a cup below the cold spigot on the drip tray. 

  • Slowly unscrew the coupling on the cold lever and remove. 

  • Replace with the new lever and tighten. 

  • Repeat on the hot side. *Warning* hot water may drip out of the spigot as you work. Please be careful as to avoid injury. 

  • Replace the water bottle. 

  • Rinse by draining about one cup of water out of each side using your new touch-free levers. 

Home Water Coolers

Make your home water cooler safer and more convenient for your family with our Touch-Free Water Cooler Levers. They are easy to install and will make sure to lowers your family’s exposure to germs and bacteria whenever they get water throughout the day. The Touch-Free Water Cooler Levers make so anyone in your family can press their reusable water bottle, glass or mug against the lever to get access to get water throughout the day.

Office Water Coolers

Are you looking for a way to make the water cooler at your business safer and more convenient? Our Touch-Free Water Cooler Levers are easy to install and will limit your employee’s exposure to germs and bacteria when they get water during the workday. With these Touch-Free Water Cooler Levers, all you need to do is press your reusable water bottle, mug or glass against the lever for refreshing water.


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