Touch-Free Water Cooler Levers


Keep your family, staff, and visitors safe with touch-free water cooler levers! Our touch-free levers are economical and easy to install. This is a simple solution that will allow you to safely enjoy your Distillata water.


  • 1 red (hot) lever with attached coupling
  • 1 blue (cold) lever with attached coupling

Installation Directions

Water Cooler Lever Installation

(Prefer video instructions? Click here)

  • Remove the water bottle from your dispenser. 

  • Drain the remaining water out through the cold spigot (do not drain the hot side).

  • Place a cup below the cold spigot on the drip tray. 

  • Slowly unscrew the coupling on the cold lever and remove. 

  • Replace with the new lever and tighten. 

  • Repeat on the hot side. *Warning* hot water may drip out of the spigot as you work. Please be careful as to avoid injury. 

  • Replace the water bottle. 

  • Rinse by draining about one cup of water out of each side using your new touch-free levers.