Hands Free Water Bottle Fill Stations

Is your business or commercial building looking for a way to keep your employees and visitors hydrated? The hands-free water bottle filling stations from Distillata offer the latest in hydration technology. Our water bottle fill stations provide clean, healthy water for all with a powerful environmental impact and ease of accessibility! Schools, airports, and corporations are adopting the latest in hydration technology – and for good reason! Water bottle fill stations/ hydration stations from Distillata are:

Germ-free: the hands-free feature eliminates the passing of germs among students, coworkers, and visitors.

Waste-free: having easy access to a free, high-quality water source eliminates the need to resort to water in disposable plastic bottles.

Chlorine and lead-free: contaminates, particulates, and odors are removed with high-performance filters that leave a crisp, clean water source.

Water fountains with bottle fillers offer refreshing filtered water and are environmentally friendly by encouraging reusable water bottles. Plus, our hands-free water bottle fill stations make it easier to stay focused and hydrated. These units can be retrofitted to existing water fountains or installed from scratch! Fill out the short form below to learn more.

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