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Quick Guide: Bottled Water Delivery For Home

Throughout this quick guide, you will learn:

  • What a bottled water delivery service is
  • How to find a service near you
  • How much water you will need
  • If a water dispenser is necessary
  • How much home water delivery costs
  • What happens on your delivery day
  • The best water delivery service for seniors
Distillata van parked in driveway and delivery person carrying water to house

Nobody wants to lug heavy water jugs from the grocery store. Or rely on single-use plastic bottles. A home bottled water delivery service is an effective solution for busy people. You get high-quality water delivered conveniently and it is easier than you think. Plus, you will drink more water and reduce your carbon footprint. 

What is a bottled water delivery service?

Think of it like a bottled water subscription. Generally, a water delivery service refers to 5-gallon bottles with a dispenser. But, it is customizable to include any water bottle type or size. For example, if you use a CPAP machine or humidifier, this is a practical way to get one-gallon cases of distilled water delivered to your home on a regular schedule.

Is there a home water delivery service near me?

Several national water corporations distribute to homes. They likely offer a home water delivery service near you. But, it is best to look for a local water delivery company first. By choosing local, your money stays in your neighborhood. That’s not all – local water is fresher. It does not travel all over the country before landing on your doorstep. Instead, it is sourced and bottled one day, and delivered the next. Distillata is in Cleveland, Oh. From our Cleveland warehouse, we serve most of Northeast, Ohio. We deliver to the following counties:

  • Ashtabula
  • Cuyahoga
  • Geauga
  • Lake
  • Lorain
  • Medina
  • Portage
  • Stark
  • Summit
  • Trumbull
Distillata delivery driver carrying a 5-gallon water bottle to the front door of a house

How much water do I need?

You will enjoy countles benefits when you drink the right amount of water. For most of us, that means we need more. The old eight glasses a day adage is a good starting point. Yet, things like age, sex, health, and level of activity matter. To determine a more specific amount read our article, “How Much Water Should I Drink?”

Now you are probably wondering how many 5-gallon water jugs you need monthly. If you drink 96 ounces per day, for example, how much is that per month? And, what does that mean in terms of a 5-gallon bottle? No one has time for that kind of math. Luckily, we have done it for you. To figure out how many water jugs you need each month, read this article, “How Many Water Bottles Are in a Gallon?”

Here is an even easier option. Start with our 60-day free trial. With the free trial, you get a water dispenser and three 5-gallon water bottles. We ask you to contact us when you start the last bottle. We will then set you up on a delivery schedule based on how fast you drank the first two. This is a simple and more accurate way to determine how many 5-gallon jugs you need since it is based on your actual consumption.

customer opening the door for a Distillata water delivery driver

Is it worth getting a water dispenser?

A dispenser offers you easy access to cold and hot water. With great-tasting water at the touch of your fingertips, your consumption is likely to increase. But are water dispensers better than water bottles? A dispenser with a 5-gallon water bottle is bulk-sized. With that, there is less packaging, and you get the best home bottled water delivery price. Many of our customers refill reusable bottles from their coolers to reduce plastic waste. 

Are water dispensers unhygienic?

Quite the contrary. Dispensers come equipped with a water guard adapter. The adapter punctures the cap of the 5-gallon bottle without exposing the product to air. The water guard keeps the water clean and eliminates spills. Also, touchless water dispensers are now available to reduce the spread of germs.


Skip the grocery store and reap the rewards of in-home bottled water delivery instead. It has never been easier. 

Start now with our 60-day free trial!


How much does home water delivery cost?

To determine if it is worth getting drinking water delivery you should first calculate how many bottles you need. As of the writing of this article, a 5-gallon jug delivered to your home is $8.25. The average household consumes three to six bottles per month (this varies among families). A case of one-gallon bottles costs the same (as of the writing of this article). Check out our product list here to see how much home water delivery costs for all of our products.

Distillata delivery driver putting a 5-gallon bottle on a water dispenser

Do you have to be home for water delivery?

Residential water delivery is a real convenience. You do not have to be home to accept your order. Before your first delivery, we will discuss a safe spot to leave it. Later deliveries, you will leave your empty containers in the agreed-on spot, and we will exchange them for full bottles. We know you are busy and may forget. Here is the good news, you can sign up to get text, email, or phone call reminders the day before your scheduled date. 

Best bottled water delivery service for seniors.

A residential bottled water delivery subscription for seniors is a healthy way to ensure they stay hydrated. Seniors often lose their instinct to drink. By the time they feel thirsty, it is already too late. The damage from dehydration is already done. In seniors, this can be severe. Read this article to learn more about the best water service for seniors. You will learn: how much a senior should drink, how to get them to drink more, and if water delivery is safe. 

Sustainable water delivery: how you can help.

When you choose a home water delivery service from Distillata you are being kind to the environment. You are reducing single-use plastic, buying local, and utilizing tightly routed delivery trucks. But, you can do more. By following these suggestions you can make your water delivery, even more, earth-friendly. Plus, you will feel confident knowing that we are doing our part with an expansive recycling plan that includes cardboard, plastic, and paper.

barb getting water from cooler 3

Ready to get started? Here’s how to do it.

bottled water delivery how it works infographic horizontal

Skip the grocery store and reap the rewards of in-home bottled water delivery instead. It has never been easier. 

Start now with our 60-day free trial!

Watch this video to see how our home delivery service works:

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