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Water for Healthy Muscles

There are so many reasons to make sure you are drinking enough water. We have already discussed several, including heart healthglowing skin, and happy joints. But there is a little-known benefit to drinking a proper amount of water that you may be completely unaware of…healthy muscles!

Muscles need water to stay healthy. In fact, muscles are made up of nearly 79% water. Common sense tells us that they need to stay hydrated to function properly. While this is absolutely true, there is a bit more to the story of how water can be used to keep muscles healthy.

When your muscles contract, water is driven from your blood into the muscle and surrounding cells to help it function without strain and/or fatigue. The problem is, nearly 50% of us are in a constant state of dehydration. The fact is we simply are not drinking enough water to keep our muscles healthy.

When a dehydrated muscle contracts, a completely opposite process occurs. Water is drawn out of the muscle and back into the bloodstream to ensure proper circulation and a safe blood pressure, which leaves the muscle and its cells dry.

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Water Is How To Keep Muscles Healthy

Water is needed to transport nutrients throughout your body and help form structures of protein and glycogen. For example, just to move or flex your muscles, you need water. If you don’t have enough water, this leads to muscle cramps, which can negatively impact your physical performance.

If you’re asking yourself how to keep your muscles healthy, the answer is to stay hydrated. The relationship between water and your muscles is key for maintaining your bodily strength and reaching your top performance in the gym.

An easy tip to help you develop the habit of keeping your muscles healthy is to drink a glass of water before and after each workout. When you’re at the gym, take advantage of your rest time between sets and drink some water.

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Distillata’s Water Products Makes Hydration Easy!

What is the best way to increase your water intake? Put a water cooler or filtration unit in your home and/or office, fill your reusable water bottle and carry it with you wherever you go. This will eventually become second nature and you will find yourself feeling lost without it! Distillata offers free 60 day trials for water coolers in your home or office. Make the most out of your hydration!

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