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What is Artesian Water?

Purified, spring, distilled, reverse osmosis, mineral, sparkling – oh my. Who would have thought bottled water would be so complicated? There are so many types available that it is easy to become confused when trying to decide which is best. Never fear, it is actually very simple.

In this article, you will learn what an artesian spring is, the benefits of drinking artesian spring water, and the difference from other types. We are here to help you become familiar with the terminology. Then you can make a wise choice for yourself, your family, and your employees.

Surely, you are familiar with the label spring water but, what is an artesian spring? The term artesian comes from Artois, a province in France where such wells were first used (thank you It is really a fancy term for a perfect natural phenomenon.

What is Artesian Water Spring Water?

The short answer is free-flowing. Springs become artesian when the water flows to the surface without the aid of a pump. These types of springs seem to defy gravity. But, in reality, the water is forced out by pressure built between two impermeable surfaces.

Water flows down a decline into a porous substance such as rock, sand, or gravel. Surrounding the porous substance is more rock or other material so hard that the water cannot escape and reach ground level. This, combined with the flow of water, creates pressure that is only released when it finds an escape. In our case, the escape is a well. Some artesian springs even rise above ground level without any man-made help.

5 gallon spring water on bottling line at manufacturing plant in cleveland, oh

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Artesian Water?

You might ask yourself, “is artesian water better than spring water?” The answer depends on what “better” means to you. Both artesian and spring water are healthy. That is, given each is treated for contaminants. Artesian water has a high pH resulting from a high mineral content. Combined with high alkalinity, artesian water has an enjoyable taste. Some artesian water is alkaline. Ours is close with a 7-8 pH. Water is considered alkaline at an 8-9 pH. Plain spring water possesses nearly all those same qualities. It is simply harvested differently.

infographic that explains what Distillata artesian spring water is

What Is Artesian Water Used For

Artesian spring water is used mainly for drinking and cooking. It suits both of these well because of the high mineral content. Don’t be confused though. Artesian water is not mineral water. Mineral water requires a TDS of >250ppm. Artesian water usually has about 230ppm

The attraction to artesian spring water is filtering. When the water travels at high pressure through the porous surface, it serves as a natural filter. This is mother nature’s pre-filtering and it picks up beneficial minerals along the way. Those minerals contribute to refreshing tasting water that lacks flatness. Those minerals contribute to refreshing tasting water that lacks flatness. I would even say that artesian spring water has “body” like legs produced by good red wine.

Artesian water is not the same as distilled water. Distilled water has <1ppm total dissolved solids. As we learned, artesian water has about 230ppm. So, it is not suitable for household equipment, nettie pots, or as water for CPAP machines

Our very own Distillata artesian spring water comes from our protected source in Kent, Ohio. You can learn more about the Distillata Artesian Spring here. This filtered, fresh spring water is available in a variety of sizes including: 

Watch this video to see how our delivery service works:

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