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Water Filtration FAQs

What is a water filter system?

Our systems filter your tap water by connecting directly to your water line.These units are sometimes called point of use or inline. A water filtration system removes foul tastes and odor, color, iron, and chlorine from your tap water. With this type of dispenser, you never have to worry about changing water jugs or ordering extra gallons. A certified technician will access your water line and connect it to a unit containing our high tech filters. The result will be clean water that smells and tastes refreshing!

How does a water filter work?

A water filtration system contains a series of cartridges. Each cartridge performs a task to clean your water. Models vary but, in general, your water will first pass through a sediment filter to remove solid matter. Next, a carbon filter attracts dissolved organics such as lead and chlorine. Some units use multiple carbon filters for further polishing. Finally, an optional reverse osmosis cartridge will reduce dissolved solids with a .0001 micron membrane.

Do water filters remove chlorine?

Yes, all of our inline systems are equipped with a carbon filter cartridge. The carbon filter will remove any taste or odor of chlorine from your tap water.

What is the best water filter?

The best water filter depends on your source water quality and usage. For example, well water will need a multiple-step carbon filtration system. Hard water is better suited with a different configuration. Our Pure Water Technology line offers the greatest flexibility and cleanest finished product of any system we have tested.

Does a water filter need to be placed near a water line?

Yes, the ideal spot for your dispenser is near a water line. Our technicians will do their best to accommodate the placement you choose.

Do you carry under sink water filters?

Yes, one of our most popular units is mounted out of sight under your sink. A sleek faucet will be installed from which the filtered water is dispensed. Learn more about the under sink water filter here.

Is filtered water the same as distilled?

No. Filtered water contains minerals and healthy dissolved solids. Distilled water is purified and contains <1PPM total dissolved solids. However, reverse osmosis water is closely related to distilled with a TDS of <50 PPM.

What is a reverse osmosis water filter system?

A reverse osmosis water system operates very similar to a water filtration unit. The main difference is that an RO system produces purified water by passing your tap water through a semi-permeable membrane. The system allows only purified water to pass through and will dispose of any minerals or contaminants.

Do water filters require any maintenance?

Water filters require minimal maintenance. You will only need to clean the unit and replace the filter cartridges on a regular schedule.

How often do I need to change the water filter cartridges?

You will need to change your water filter cartridges on a regular schedule. Most manufacturers suggest you change carbon filters every 6-12 months. Again, this depends on your source water and usage. Most reverse osmosis membranes will need replacing every 3-5 years.

Do I need to clean my water filtration system?

Yes, for optimal performance, you should keep you system clean on the inside and out. Click here for easy directions.

Does Distillata service water filtration systems?

Yes, our team is trained to service and repair any water filtration unit. From installation to filter changes, repairs and leaks, we have you covered.  Contact us today to request service.

Additional Water Filtration Resources

Ready to learn more? Download our free water filtration guides today:

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