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Water Filtration FAQs

What is a water filtration unit?

A water filtration unit system removes any foul tastes and odor, color, iron, and chlorine from your tap water. A water filtration system does not require water delivery each month because the water filtration unit will filter your general tap water using electricity to provide you with cold—and even hot—water. With this type of water cooler, you never have to worry about changing water jugs or ordering extra gallons. A certified technician will access your water line and direct it to a unit containing our high tech filters. Your water will pass through the system and dispense heated and chilled water that tastes great!

Will a water filtration unit remove chlorine?

Yes, a carbon water filtration system will remove any taste or odor of chlorine from your tap water.

Does the water filtration unit need to be placed near a water line?

Since water filtration units hook up to your general water tap, the ideal spot for a water filtration unit is close to a water line. However, it is not necessary. Our technicians are masters at creatively accessing your water line and will do their best to accommodate the placement you choose.

Can the filter in a water filtration unit be placed on my sink?

Yes, one of our most popular units is mounted out of sight under your sink. A sleek faucet will be installed from which the filtered water is dispensed.

What is a reverse osmosis system?

A reverse osmosis water system operates very similar to a water filtration unit. The one main difference is that an RO system produces purified water by passing your tap water through a semi-permeable membrane. The system allows only purified water to pass through and will dispose of any minerals or contaminants.

Does my water filtration unit or reverse osmosis unit require any maintenance?

Yes, depending on the filters used they should be replaced every six months to a year. If you are renting a unit this will happen automatically for you at no charge! If you own your unit service plans are available.

Does Distillata service water filtration units and reverse osmosis units?

Yes, we employ on-staff professionals who are certified and trained to service and repair any water filtration units and reverse osmosis units. Contact us today to request service.

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Distillata – Water Filtration FAQs

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