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A Healthy Life Starts With Drinking Water

The extravagant dinners and decadent desserts of the holiday season have taken their collective toll. Luckily for us, 2015 brings along that fresh start we all are looking for.   Be it losing a few stubborn pounds, getting into shape for that 5k, or wrestling an addiction to junk food, we at Distillata wish you only the best on your personal journey towards a better life. Begin your quest with confidence, bring Distillata along for the ride, with the entire team helping you in a way that only fresh, quality water can.

Drinking water helps us in a myriad of ways. One example comes from the writers at WebMD, who broadly support water’s role in a healthy lifestyle. Hydrating with water helps circulate your body’s fundamental nutrients, energize your muscles, control your calorie intake, and can even improve the appearance of your skin.

Owning a water cooler is a strong first step for everyone in your household. Five and three-gallon jugs help show your progress, making goal setting a breeze.

This is just one case of how the Distillata culture can impact your home. This culture, steeped in over a hundred years of tradition, continues to lead thousands of families, like yours, to join America in turning down sugary soft drinks for cold, refreshing water.

Those who normally consume tap water will be intrigued at the custom-tailored selection of Distillata products, their respective health benefits, and the distinctive tastes that define each of them.

It began in 1897, and the Distillata Water Company has been serving the Cleveland-Akron area proper hydration for hard-working people and their families ever since. Distillata is a local, family-owned business whose aim reaches beyond the scope of mere customer satisfaction.

Water is our passion, and we hope to make it your passion, too. If there was ever a time to naturally improve your health, why not see if a couple free months can prove its worth?

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