Replacement Under Sink Water Filter Cartridges


Drinking safer water should be a no-brainer. Save time and money with our replacement under-sink water filter cartridges. Standard water filters are a breeze to change – no handyman is needed. Our under-sink water filter replacement cartridges fit the Watts 525 under-sink system and all standard-size water filter housings. But you should check with the manufacturer of your unit first to ensure compatibility. Inspire healthier habits by keeping your water fresh and tasting its best. This includes changing your water system filter cartridges on a regular schedule.

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How long do under-sink water filters last?

Most water filters have to be changed either every six months or one year. Our sediment and carbon filters should be replaced every six months. You will only need a new post-carbon inline polishing filter once a year. Finally, if you have a reverse osmosis membrane that is good for three to five years. However, high-demand situations or well water may require more frequent changes.

The 1-year water filter supply for a standard four or five-stage unit includes:

  • 2 – 5-micron sediment filters
  • 4 – 5- micron carbon filters
  • 1 – post-carbon inline polishing filter
  • Optional reverse osmosis membrane (additional charge)
  • 1 filter  housing wrench

What type of replacement water filter do I need?

Most water filtration systems use standard-sized filters, but some systems use proprietary filters that can only be purchased from the manufacturer. If you are unsure what replacement water filter you need, consult your water filtration system manual or contact us. Be sure to include the manufacturer and the model.

Watch this video to learn how to change water filters:

Additional information


Sediment Filter $2.25, Carbon Filter $5.25, Polishing Filter $8.99, RO Membrane $39.99, One Year Pack $39.99

Water System Filter Cartridges for Homes

Is purchasing new water filters every few months for your home a frustrating experience? Our 1-year water filter pack can save you time and money. These water filters are easy to change, plus buying them in bulk increases your savings.

This package of water filters is designed to fit four and five stage water filters (the stage four reverse osmosis is sold separately). It also has a free gasket wrench for easy removal of any spent cartridges.

Water Filter Replacement Cartridge For Business

Save on your office supplies bill with Distillata’s 1-year water filter pack. This package is designed to fit four or five stage water filters (the stage four reverse osmosis membrane is sole separately). Our 1-year water filter pack also comes with a free gasket wrench to help you remove any of your spent cartridges, so your business doesn’t have to spend money on a handyman.


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